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About Us

 Who We Are

Purely Water Supply is an online retailer, providing competitive prices on home water filtration, enhancement and catchment systems. Our team works hard to provide our customers, families and enterprises with a variety of clean water solutions from water filtration to enhancement and ionization to rainwater harvesting.

Purely Water Supply Abouts

We operate as a family and take pride in treating our customers as family too. In fact, our core values are customer driven, which is why we give the best in ultra-personalized customer service, answer questions within 24 hours by phone or email (usually soon), and go above and beyond to meet the customer's needs no matter how specialized they are - you won't find that kind of dedicated customer service from any other online retailer, including the big box retailers and online mega-retail platforms. 

Our essence: Water is EVERYTHING.


Our Story: The Founders' Words 

A few years ago, while traveling and living in Asia, we saw and understood first-hand the need for clean water in the US and around the world. Water is the basis of life and without it, humans, plants, animals and our planet would not survive. But the key is clean and safe water, not just any water. 

Whilst living in Asia, we saw how the lack of clean tap water affected entire communities, especially children, who are the most susceptible to infections and diseases from bacteria and viruses. Ourselves were part of those communities and during our many years of travel we have developed a powerful passion for marine and nature conservation and life. All life, no exceptions. 

This is why our company’s mission is to deliver clean water products to our customers while supporting clean water initiatives in the US and around the world. 

purely water supply supports charity water

We KNOW clean water is a luxury some communities can’t afford, so every purchase helps bring CLEAN and SAFE DRINKING water to people in developing countries.

 Drink clear and pure water and enjoy a healthy life :)

Purely Water Supply