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Alkaline Water for Optimum Health

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What is alkaline water and how can it improve your health? Alkaline water is less acidic than regular water that comes from your tap. This means that it is contains higher amounts of alkalizing compounds such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, silica, and bicarbonate. Having more of these alkalizing compounds in your body is said to help level out acidity, which can lead to increased health.


Alkalized water can help with the pH in your body. When we talk about pH we are talking about the ‘power of hydrogen’, which is what pH stands for. Higher levels of hydrogen alkalize the body and lower levels of hydrogen will create increased acidity in the body. Higher levels of acidity in the body can cause sluggishness or tiredness, impair immune function, and can even make you more susceptible to diseases. Alkalized water can help improve your health in various ways.


Can Help Regulate Digestion


The pancreas is an important organ in your body that aids in digestion. It produces those powerful enzymes that digest your food. A lack of alkaline compounds in the body, like those listed above, doesn’t allow the pancreas to function properly and to full capacity. In turn, the acidic bile produced by the stomach can cause inflammation, which can become painful, and make you more vulnerable to other ailments and diseases.


Can Help Improve Cardiovascular Circulation


High levels of acidity in your body can lead to heart disease and also destroys good fats, which heal inflammation in your arteries. Fats are not the only cause of blockages in the arteries and cardiovascular diseases. Severe inflammation adds undue stress on major blood vessel and artery walls, which can lead to life-threatening heart defects.


Helps Improve Immune System Strength


Your immune system helps protect you from harmful bacteria and disease, acting as your body’s protective layer. Hydrogen-rich fluids in your body help the immune system stave off infections and cleanse your body of harmful bacteria. When your body experiences higher levels of acidity, it can weaken your immune system making you more prone to illness. Alkalized water is higher in pH, remember, which means it is richer in hydrogen.


These are just a few of the reasons why alkalized water is good for your health. You can get alkalized water from an alkaline water system such as a water ionizer. A water ionizer creates higher pH, alkalized water that gives your body good nutrients to help keep you healthy and energized.

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