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The Best Water Ionizers from AlkaViva’s Industry-Leading Lineup

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The Best Water Ionizers from AlkaViva’s Industry-Leading Lineup


By now, you may have heard about the many benefits of drinking alkaline water (for a refresher, you can click here). Not only is it a safer form of drinking water, it can also help bring you to the highest levels of health and fitness. But how can you get your hands on it?

Regular tap water can be transformed into alkaline water through the use of a water ionizer. In its simplest form, a water ionizer achieves this in two stages: First, tap water is cleansed of contaminants by passing it through a filter. Then, the now-clean water is imbued with alkaline mineral ions to turn it into healthy water, ready for you to drink.

However, not all alkaline water machines produce the same quality of water. Some are more effective at this process which can be measured through the output water’s pH and ORP.

  • Water is considered neutral at a pH level of 7.0, acidic at lower pH levels, and alkaline at higher pH levels. Many people prefer a pH level of 8 to 9 in their alkaline water.
  • ORP, which is measured in millivolts (mV), stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. It shows the potential of the water to neutralize free radicals in the body. Better ionization means a more negative ORP, and that’s what you need to get alkaline water’s antioxidant effect. 

The filter inside the alkaline water machine must also be of good quality to prevent contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals or heavy metals from going through while allowing healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium to pass through. Remember, alkaline water isn’t just pure water. These minerals are what give it the alkaline properties that are beneficial to the body.

Looking at what’s available in 2017, AlkaViva’s line of both electric and non-electric models are among the best and most popular water ionizers available today. Let’s see what they have to offer.


Electric Water Ionizers – Using Technology to Create Better Water

Electric Water Ionizers make use of electrically charged plates to create two streams of water – one acidic and one alkaline. As the water flows through, one set of plates is positively charged, while the remaining set is negatively charged. The positive plates attract the negatively charged acidic particles (such as carbonate) while the negative plates attract the positively charged alkaline particles (such as magnesium and calcium).

By having the acidic and alkaline particles separated from one another, the water that passes through the positive and negative plates is imbued with the particles and becomes acidic and alkaline, respectively. A membrane separates the acidic water from the alkaline water to make sure that they don’t mix back together.

Once the water has been sufficiently ionized, the alkaline water can be collected for drinking. The acidic water, which can be collected from a different output, can then be used for cleaning because of its newly-acquired disinfectant properties.

Now that we’ve covered the general operation of electric water ionizers, here are the best models from AlkaViva.


Melody II

The Melody II Water Ionizer is the latest value priced water ionizer from AlkaViva. It uses 5 plates to efficiently transform regular tap water into alkaline water for your household. The device has two filters that use AlkaViva’s UltraWater technology to ensure that only the cleanest water goes through to the ionization chamber. Once there, the plates allow the creation of alkaline water with up to a 10+ pH and -700mV ORP, depending on the quality of the water source. 

The Melody II also has an automatic cleaning system to keep the plates in good shape. This model is designed with convenience and optimum performance in mind. 

Click here to see details about this model.


Athena H2

The Athena H2 is a step up from the Melody. It’s a 7-plate hydrogen water ionizer that can produce alkaline water with up to 10.5+ pH and -800mV ORP. It also comes with the same dual filter design and automatic cleaning system to keep the plates in top condition.

The infusion of hydrogen gives alkaline water additional benefits but it can also cause it to have a very high pH of above 10. Consuming water that is too alkaline is not only questionable when it comes to health, it also tastes bad. But the Athena H2 solves that problem with an Auto Adjust system to ensure that power is set to optimal levels to get the best hydrogen infusion performance without any negative impact to the water’s pH level and taste.

Click here to see details about this model.


Vesta H2 

If you want the cleanest, healthiest and best-tasting hydrogen infused water, consider the Vesta H2. With a 9-plate design, it offers top of the line control and efficiency of the ionization process. Because of that, the Vesta H2 can create alkaline water an 11+ pH and at least -900mV ORP.

As we’ve mentioned, too high a pH level isn’t always recommended not be recommended. But the Vesta H2’s alkalization capacity allows it to provide hydrogen infused alkaline water in your target pH levels even when using water sources that are normally too difficult to work with.

And of course, it also comes with dual filtration with UltraWater, Auto Adjust and automatic cleaning systems of the other lower plate count models.

Click here to see details about this model.



Unlike the water ionizers we’ve just gone through, the UltraDelphi is an undersink model. The only part of the unit you’ll normally see it the elegant faucet with the built-in LCD display and control pad. The rest of the unit hidden, as you may have guessed, underneath the sink to maintain the elegant look of your kitchen counter and reduce clutter.

It has the same 5-plate design as the Athena H2 so you get a similar level of alkalization of up to 10.5+ pH and -800mV ORP, depending on the water source. And with two filters plus automatic plate cleaning, the UltraDelphi achieves performance and safety in a stylish package.

Click here to see details about this model.


Non-Electric Water Ionizers – Imitating Nature in Your Own Home

Alkaline water was first discovered in natural springs that flowed through mineral-rich rocks. Today, the same process can be mimicked in your home. Instead of spring water passing through rocks, tap water from your pipes goes through a filter that not only removes contaminants but also turns it into ionized alkaline water.

Using AlkaViva’s UltraWater system, these non-electric water ionizers allow you to enjoy alkaline water just like how nature does it.


ēlita CT-700 

The ēlita CT-700 is affordable, compact and stylish. It cleans and ionizes water through the use of AlkaViva’s UltraWater filtration system that removes 99.9% of all contaminants. Once all the contaminants are removed, the water is then ionized naturally within the filter. The result is alkaline water at 8.5 to 9.5 pH with an ORP range of 150 to -350, depending on the water source and flow rate.

But just because it’s a non-electric model, doesn’t mean it lacks features. The ēlita CT-700 comes with a digital filter life indicator and is the only non-electric water ionizer that comes with flow rate adjustment.

Click here to see details about this model.


ēlita US-700

Similar to the UltraDelphi in the electric water ionizer lineup, the ēlita US-700 is an undersink non-electric water ionizer. It offers the same performance as its countertop counterpart to produce alkaline water at 8.5 to 9.5 pH with an ORP range of 150 to -350, depending on the water source and flow rate.

Once installed, you’ll only see the faucet with a built-in water filter indicator light on top of the sink. The rest of the unit, which houses the UltraWater filter, and the inline flow counter is hidden underneath.

The ēlita US-700 is proof that affordability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Click here to see details about this model.


AlkaViva Water Ionizers – Engineered for Health

If you’re looking for performance, convenience and value, AlkaViva’s water ionizer lineup has you covered. They’re designed to give you only the best ionized water to share with your family. And with their USA-made, patent-pending UltraWater Filtration Technology, nothing but clean alkaline water will fill your glasses.

Take the first step towards healthy hydration. Head over to the AlkaViva Collection store page to pick the right water ionizer for you. If you still need help deciding which alkaline water machine is right for you, please use the contact form on our contact page to reach out, or use the Live Chat box for faster help.


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