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What is Rainwater Harvesting and Why You Should Consider It

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What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater for use in gardens, landscapes, homes, filtering for drinking, and so much more!

The rainwater is collected from hard surfaces such as rooftops, courtyards, concrete walkways, driveways, patios, and any other hard manmade surface. When using a rainwater harvesting system, a ‘first flush’ of the collected rainwater occurs to clean the water of any debris from the surface it was collected from.




Advantages of Harvesting Rainwater

One advantage to harvesting rainwater is that it is a great way to significantly reduce your monthly or quarterly water bill.

The rainwater you collect can be filtered so that it can be used to drink, bathe, and wash food and clothes with.

Another advantage to harvesting rainwater is that it can solve drainage and irrigation problems.

If you live in an area that floods often when it rains, collecting and containing that rainwater will reduce areal flooding. And the bonus is that you have free water to use in a variety of ways!

Harvesting rainwater is also a great way to lighten your environmental footprint! If you’re an eco-friendly person and want to do your part in saving the environment, you can focus some of your conservation efforts on harvesting rainwater.


Various Solutions for Your Needs

There are many rainwater harvesting solutions to solve any problem – big or small.

Options that may suit your needs are: rain barrels that come in various gallon capacities such as 55, 110, and up; rain bladders for larger harvesting needs; and in-ground rainwater containment systems and tanks.

Let’s go through each solution a little bit more.


Rain Barrels:

Rain barrels are a popular space-saving option for people who are starting out in rainwater harvesting or who don’t need to collect a lot of rain.

There are several different types of rain barrels. Some are full round barrels that sit in your garden or yard, while others are half barrels that sit flush against your house or shed.

Rain barrels for rainwater collection come in different colors, mostly neutral, to stay somewhat hidden and unobtrusive. Popular colors include green, granite and sandstone.

Rain collection barrels also come in different sizes depending on your needs. Two of the most popular sizes are 55 gallons and 110 gallons.


Rainwater Bladders:

Rainwater bladder storage tanks are one of the most cost-effective solutions for rainwater collection, storage and reuse.

Rain bladder tanks are very low profile for easy storage under decks, homes, patios or in basements.

These tanks are an excellent water storage solution for areas with unused or limited storage space.

Many of our customers prefer to store them under their deck for easy access and to use up otherwise unusable space.

Rainwater bladders are very large fluid bladders made of durable and flexible material that rises as the tank is filled with liquid.

The unique design of the bladder tank makes it easy to ship and small enough to fit through doorways or in tight storage spaces.

Depending on your rainwater collection requirements, tanks may be built from either a standard non-potable water fabric or a potable drinking water storage material.


In-Ground Rainwater Containment Systems:

An in-ground rainwater containment system is a rain and storm water collection and containment system that is buried in the ground.

These systems can be quite large and are perfect for people who are living ‘off the grid’, are survivalists or preppers, or who need a lot of rainwater collected and stored for their needs.

These systems are also great for storing well water, air conditioning condensate, storage of water for fire protection reservation and firefighting, and to serve as cooling tower make-up and manufacturing process water systems.

These are great for places that get a lot of rain and heavy storms throughout the year or for people who live in areas that don’t get a lot of rain and have the need to collect it throughout the year.


Here at Purely Water Supply, we have solutions for every kind of rainwater collection and storage need. Click the links below to see our selection of rain barrels, rainwater bladders, and in-ground collection and containment systems.

Use the Contact Page or the chat box to get in touch with us with any questions you may have – our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand and happy to help!


Rain Barrels

Rainwater Bladders

In-Ground Rainwater Collection and Containment Systems


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